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In this blog we document the questions we’ve had from our learners that might be helpful for you to learn more about.  Running daily live training sessions we get asked all types different questions, here are the unique questions we’ve had that got the team thinking! 

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#1 – Google Meet:

w/c 12/12/22
By Matt Wilkinson

Google meet logo

The challenge from the user:

🚨🚨🚨 My Google Meet links aren’t working for meetings that I’ve planned in the future. 🚨🚨🚨

Did you know that google meet links expire after 365 days?

We had a super organised PA join one of our calls that said her execs were having trouble joining some of their Google Calendar events that she had scheduled.

What we recommended:

Duplicate don’t create;

Instead of creating a new meeting for each exec meeting, duplicate the primary meeting in Google Calendar.

A Google Meet link remains the same and the link timer is refreshed every occurring meeting.

Kulvinder Dosanjh
Group Director IT Service Delivery - BMI
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CEyX were the SMEs that engaged and led internal resources to not only to understand the change technically but lead the change management approach. This allowed the project to support our market's local language requirements which accelerated adoption and led to new ways of working more collaboratively and effectively using Google Workspace.
Krissi Shanft
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We were implementing G-Suite across a global organisation, across 12 countries and tens of thousands of users, and we brought in CEyX to work alongside the delivery partner. They took on the full responsibility of the roll out including everything technical and the change management across all markets. I have worked in delivery for over 20 years and I can honestly say have never worked with a better team. They brought the highest level of expertise, energy and really connected with the people they were working with across all levels. There wasn’t a part of the organisation that they didn’t personally speak to and work with to ensure the transition was seamless. And they even delivered VIP service to the executive team. Matt Wilkinson is easily the best programme director I have worked with, he has a perfect blend of personable energetic style with an extensive technical understanding and so he is able to work across change management and implementation. An absolute joy to work with and this approach rubbed off on his team who all displayed the same positive energetic style. CEyX was able to roll out the system to every user in the company over just a 6 week timescale and with no complaints from any users across the world, and no technical setbacks. The best SaaS roll out I have ever seen. CEyX is not a consultancy, they are a true delivery partner.