How we saved Artus Digital 70% off its Software Licences.

Identifying Software Licence Savings for Artus Digital

With our ever-changing political, social and economic landscape, businesses worldwide must consider new, advanced ways to become more efficient, reduce costs and improve outcomes.

Software licences are at the heart of every business, demanding a cost that many organisations would overlook as a saving opportunity. In light of this, CEyX worked with Artus Digital to evaluate the productivity of their existing software, pinpointing clear duplications in functionality and identifying key opportunities for cost savings.

As a result, we were able to help Artus save 70% a year on their software licensing.

Artus Case Study

Facilitating Growth and Discovering Savings

As organisations grow, they inherently introduce processes, expertise and software to simplify operations and enhance performance.

With business expansion, companies often accumulate active software licences, creating greater expense and stunted productivity. For example, many businesses use Google Workspace, Zoom and Slack to support communications via email, chat and video conferencing, although these operations would become much more efficient when actioned in the same platform.

We know that many organisations feel trapped by their existing processes, using several software platforms to manage each specific function. The most successful business leaders know that cutting costs at every stage of an operation is essential to a company’s financial health whilst maintaining professional standards. 

Here at CEyX, we offer a wide range of technology-focused training solutions designed to establish substantial cost savings on various software licences. When working with the team at Artus, we found several redundant software licences, each of which could be replaced with Google Workspace collaboration tools. 

How Did CEyX Work With Artus to Discover Savings?

In the first instance, the CEyX team launched a two-hour licence discovery workshop with Artus, pinpointing specific areas to reduce costs.

In working with CEyX, Artus was searching for a seamless solution to synthesise their processes in one dynamic space. At the time of the licence discovery workshop, Artus had paid subscriptions with:

  • Zoom 
  • Slack 
  • Microsoft 
  • Calendly

Knowing the extensive capabilities of Google Workspace, the licence discovery workshop enabled CEyX to identify and advise on the most appropriate and helpful Google collaboration solutions that could replace the above applications. 

The workshop was run virtually, guiding the leadership team at Artus through several discovery questions to understand and identify application usage within their company.

How Did CEyX Identify Software License Saving Opportunities for Artus? 

The CEyX specialists thrive in the optimisation phase, recognising the necessities of each software licence to ensure Google Workspace will provide the specific tools and solutions they need. 

The output from the discovery workshop provides a scoring framework, evidencing opportunities for application optimisation and streamlining. 

For Artus, the CEyX team revealed several functionality matches between all existing software applications and Google Workspace. Active licence subscriptions and functionality requirements with Slack, Zoom, Calendly and Microsoft were successfully matched to the relevant Google applications from Google Drive to Docs, Meet, Chat and Calendar. 

We crafted a visual framework, allowing Artus’ leadership team to discover cost-saving opportunities through collaboration, communication and video calling with Google Workspace.

From there, CEyX specialists identified application replacement scores to forecast and facilitate the integration from existing software to Google Workspace. The scores predicted the simplicity of a transition to Google, for example, establishing that direct messaging and internal team huddles within Slack had a replacement score of 90% with Google Meets and Chat. 

With this information, CEyX and Artus could establish the most beneficial direction for Google Workspace training, understanding which areas of Google Workspace will require more or less guidance and intervention. 

A data-driven approach allows us to recommend suitable training courses based on data analysis and interpretation. From here, we begin to skill-up decision makers before training their entire workforce. 

How Did CEyX Upskill Artus’ Employees? 

When you’re ready, we give your teams access to live technology webinars and a tailored learning path to facilitate and drive specific learnings. Every learning journey is communicated and tracked, so the CEyX team can identify employees not provided with the time they need to learn about new solutions.

The Artus team began their journey with two live training courses: Getting Started with Google Workspace – Part One and Part Two. Both sessions encourage broader employee engagement with Google Workspace applications, helping the Artus workforce to communicate professionally and confidently with colleagues and clients. 

Each 90-minute session covered many Google Workspace applications, including Gmail, Calendar, Drive and an introduction to Docs, Sheets, and Slides. From there, Artus employees attended our Collaboration with Google Chat training session, promising a seamless transition from Slack to Google. 

ROI Realisation – What was Artus’ return on investment? 

Since engaging with CEyX training, Artus Digital Marketing has made enormous strides in identifying software licence savings. With licence subscription cancellations including Slack, Zoom, Calendly and, Artus has made the productive shift to Google, integrating all business processes into one collaborative space. 

Following our intervention, the Founder and Director at Artus discovered that:

“Following CEyX’s eye-opening training, we acted immediately to cut costs that were now surplus to requirements. As a result, we have made a remarkable 70% saving on ongoing software costs and subscriptions. Furthermore, nearly all of our business operations now happen within the Google suite, which drives day-to-day efficiencies.”

With that, Artus increased ROI with collaboration technology, decreasing data fragmentation and ensuring data is accessible by a controlled identity.

Kulvinder Dosanjh
Group Director IT Service Delivery - BMI
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CEyX were the SMEs that engaged and led internal resources to not only to understand the change technically but lead the change management approach. This allowed the project to support our market's local language requirements which accelerated adoption and led to new ways of working more collaboratively and effectively using Google Workspace.
Krissi Shanft
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We were implementing G-Suite across a global organisation, across 12 countries and tens of thousands of users, and we brought in CEyX to work alongside the delivery partner. They took on the full responsibility of the roll out including everything technical and the change management across all markets. I have worked in delivery for over 20 years and I can honestly say have never worked with a better team. They brought the highest level of expertise, energy and really connected with the people they were working with across all levels. There wasn’t a part of the organisation that they didn’t personally speak to and work with to ensure the transition was seamless. And they even delivered VIP service to the executive team. Matt Wilkinson is easily the best programme director I have worked with, he has a perfect blend of personable energetic style with an extensive technical understanding and so he is able to work across change management and implementation. An absolute joy to work with and this approach rubbed off on his team who all displayed the same positive energetic style. CEyX was able to roll out the system to every user in the company over just a 6 week timescale and with no complaints from any users across the world, and no technical setbacks. The best SaaS roll out I have ever seen. CEyX is not a consultancy, they are a true delivery partner.