Google Sheets - Introduction

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Google Sheets

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The basics you need to start to see the power of Google Sheets

Google Sheets is a powerful spreadsheet application and this session explores the fundamentals of using and making the most out of its features.

This is the first session in a learning path that continues with a further 6 sessions including intermediate level, functions, pivot tables and more.

This session will help build your fundamental knowledge of Google Sheets and ease your transition from other spreadsheet applications such as Excel.

This course consists of a live session which is a 60-minute session with an instructor and on-demand video content that you can watch when you want.

Duration: 60 minutes

What we will cover in this course?


How to create and manage your workbooks including colour coding and sortation

Understanding the tool-bar

A deep dive into the tools contained within the toolbar to help you understand where everything is housed


Learn how Machine Learning built into Google sheets can help you analyse your data

Working with Excel

See how Google Sheets can work with partners using Excel and how to share in Excel format

Formatting your Workbooks

Make your Sheet work for you with tips on how to Freeze and Move columns

Basic Functions

We'll a look at the basic functions built into Google Sheets

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